Mission Statement

To elevate the quality of life for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by creating a dynamic housing community enriched with customized programming where every person will be empowered to live with purpose and joy.


29 Acres will provide adults with ASD access to the people, places, jobs and activities that they choose and that maximize self-esteem and the pursuit of happiness.

29 Acres will help our adults identify their strengths and challenge them to develop those strengths.

29 Acres will improve outcomes as measured by quality of life indicators such as joy and self-fulfillment, greater independence and productivity, health and safety, community engagement and inter-personal relationships.

29 Acres will maintain a nurturing environment that remains committed to the individual growth of each adult.

29 Acres will help build a more neuro-diverse community by deeply connecting to our local communities' social, economic and educational ecosystems, and will enable collective progress for all stakeholders by working together.

29 Acres will create a culture of empowerment for paid and volunteer staff by improving training and educational opportunities coupled with appropriate compensation and desirable work conditions. We want our staff to have an occupassion, not just an occupation.

29 Acres will serve families of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

29 Acres will be sustainable over time and replicable as a model for other geographies.