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Fundraising Challenge: $1 Million

Co-Founders, Debra Caudy, M.D. and Clay Heighten, M.D. personally contributed $1 million to purchase land on behalf of 29 Acres and establish initial operations.

Our challenge now is to raise an additional $1 million to fund the start-up costs associated with launching 29 Acres programming.

Proposed Use of Funds:

  • Program-related expenses for residents who live at 29 Acres
  • Program-related expenses for the 29 Acres Transition Academy
  • Program scholarships

Community Impact of 29 Acres Programs

The lifetime cost to support an individual with Autism is estimated at $1.4- $2.4 million above and beyond that of an individual not suffering from the disorder. Most of these costs are incurred during adulthood and a direct result of the need for ongoing quality support to ensure success. Given these expenses, we need to raise money to help alleviate these costs.

29 Acres will use customized and evidence-based programming to create personal growth and independence for our residents. Additionally, partnerships with the University of North Texas and other organizations and businesses offer valuable training and research opportunities that will potentially have a global impact on advancing best practices and improving the quality of life for all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Up to 60 Adults with ASD will become residents of the initial 29 Acres residential community. We are committed to providing housing and quality programming for individuals across the spectrum to include:

  • Adults Living Independently at 29 Acres: These individuals, while mostly independent, will have access to all amenities on site including security features, fitness and social opportunities. Additional services will be available for: transportation, service coordination and additional staff support.
  • The 29 Acres Transition Academy: This is a two-year residential transition academy for adults with ASD who are motivated to live independently in the future. Each group of 8-16 students will participate in 40 classes taught at a local college campus. In addition, the students will be mentored in their "first home" at 29 Acres to apply skills learned in the classroom. Students will participate in volunteer work, paid internships or group transitional employment in order to build work and life skills before graduating to more independent living arrangements.
  • Residents Requiring More Individualized Support: The staff-to-resident ratio may range from one staff to four residents up to a one-to-one level of support, determined during an initial (and ongoing) assessment. The program focus will be on furthering independent living skills and participation in volunteer/employment opportunities. Good health, emotional well-being and enjoying meaningful, active relationships will be a priority.

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