A Day In The Life

Adults who are successful with more individualized support

The typical skilled trainer-to-resident ratio will be tailored to needs and may range from a minimum of one skilled trainer per four adults to as much as a 1-to-1 ratio for some adults with higher needs. The level of support will be determined in partnership with stakeholders during initial assessment and periodically according to ongoing reviews.

A typical schedule might be something like the following:
Wake up and morning routines (make bed, eat and pack backpack)
Meet in community center and review morning schedule and commute to and participate in a work or volunteer opportunity
Commute to and participate in a recreational or fitness activity (such as a hike or to local recreation center)
Lunch in the community
Drive back to 29 Acres
Participate in a life skills opportunity at home or in the community center at 29 Acres
Work onsite in garden, teaching kitchen or other pre-vocational opportunity
Chill time on site (swim, sports activity, music or other activities of choice)
Prepare and eat dinner in homes or bring in dinner and eat at community center dining area
Commute to social event in town or hang out onsite for social/leisure opportunity
Relax in home/begin night time routines

Adults participating in the 29 Acres Transition Academy

The participant needs in this program, by definition, are focused on a “transition” to independent living and, while a large part of the program may involve teaching and practicing safe habits and skills, the expectation is that direct supervision needs are less intensive. The average number of 29 Acres employees per adult is heavily weighted to teaching/mentoring and is expected to be around one employee per eight participants in the program.

Expected Schedule for the Transition Academy
Wake up and complete morning routines
Morning report in community center
Commute to internship, volunteer opportunity or employment
Lunch in community
Attend class on college campus
Drive or take bus back to 29 Acres
Teaching and mentorship at home with focus on life skill applications
Prepare dinner meal, eat with roommates or in community center dining area, clean up
Participate in social or leisure opportunity at 29 Acres, in local community or college campus
Relax in homes and complete evening routines

Adults living at 29 Acres, but are not participating in individualized programming

29 Acres is committed to serving the whole community of adults with ASD. We anticipate that for some individuals it may work best to live at 29 Acres but not access teaching and daily supervision services. These participants may benefit from the social activities, amenities and security of 29 Acres but are near capable of supporting themselves. They may be graduates of the Transition Academy and choose to stay as residents.

A possible schedule might be:
Complete morning routines independently
Travel to volunteer or work opportunities
Return to 29 Acres
Prepare dinner and eat with roommates or friends
Participate in onsite supported social activities or hang out with friends onsite or in local communities (29 Acres arranged off-site activities like movies, bowling, attending sports or music events)
Relax in homes and complete evening routines

Additional support services available as negotiated with 29 Acres management. This might include assistance with transportation, outside community service coordination or additional direct staff support.