The 29 Acres Transition Academy

For those adults with ASD who are motivated to live independently in the future, 29 Acres will offer a two year residential transition academy. Jeff Ross, the former program director for the innovative First Place Arizona, is consulting with 29 Acres to help lead this effort. Prior to establishing the program at First Place, in Phoenix, Jeff founded and created the Taft College Transition to Independent Living Program in California for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities. This highly successful on-campus residency program was established in 1995 and has received national and international recognition for its outstanding accomplishments. With a Master’s Degree in Special Education, Jeff is also a learning disabilities specialist and developmental disabilities specialist.

In partnership with local universities, the 29 Acres Transition Academy will teach a series of 40 courses, taught at a local college campus, on career readiness and independent living. While living during the transition period at 29 Acres, students will be mentored in their first home, allowing them to apply the skills they learn in the classroom.

Students will also participate in paid internships, volunteer work or transitional employment during this time. The highly-structured and supported environment will enable individuals to build confidence by strengthening their life and work skills before transitioning to a more independent living option.

The 29 Acres Transition Academy course work & services will include:

Functional Assessments: Goal development with periodic review

Health and Wellness: Nutritional education, stress management, compliance with medical recommendations, and support in responding to health-related concerns and emergencies

Functional Skills: Self-care and personal hygiene, housekeeping, mastery of transportation options, safety and hazard recognition, money management, meal planning, preparation and shopping, transportation, how to navigate communities safely from home or the community and technology assistance/social media safety

Executive Functioning Skills: Self-advocacy, conflict resolution and interpersonal relations

Career Development: Paid internships, employment or volunteer opportunities

Transition Services: Benefits counseling, assistance with housing options and employment

Case Management: Service coordination and crisis intervention