Clay Heighten, M.D.

Dr. Heighten, grew up in a small town near west Texas. Dr. Heighten specialized in the practice of Emergency Medicine. His career has, from the earliest stages, emphasized entrepreneurial pursuits. He was a cofounder and Director of a large regional Emergency Medicine group sold to publicly traded EMCare in 1998. He was a founder and President of Medical Edge Healthcare Group, and a co-founder and Director of Physerve Physician Services, which managed over 1,000 doctor practices with many thousands of employees nationwide. Components of these companies were sold to the not-for-profit Texas Health Resources, (one of the dominant hospital organizations in DFW), in 2010 and Intermedix Corporation. Clay currently works as a founder and Director of Caddis Partners, the ninth largest healthcare real estate development company in the USA, as a founder and Director of Green Park and Golf Ventures, an early stage investor in healthcare innovations and as a founder and Director of Health Wildcatters, a downtown Dallas based “accelerator” program for start-up healthcare companies.