In Honor of Autism Awareness Month, 29 Acres Shines the Light on JOHN!

April is Autism Awareness Month

Thanks to Autism Speaks, thousands of landmarks,  businesses, houses of worship and communities in over 150 countries will  Light It Up Blue in April to raise global awareness of Autism spectrum disorder.

29 Acres will proudly shine the light on individuals with autism every day for the month of April. We want to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder in our own community and we hope we do that by sharing their stories.

My name is John, just like my dad.  Some people like to call me John Peter.  I live in Coppell, Texas, with my mom and dad.  I am mostly non-verbal but have some single words and a few signs.  I am 22 years old and will age out of school this May.  I will miss my school and especially my teacher, Ms.Christy.

Changes in my routine are difficult for me.  I like order, and everything to be in the place it’s always been.  I’m very strong-willed and have definite likes and dislikes.

My favorite thing to do is watch Barney videos on my computer, and listen to music on my iPod.  I started watching Barney before I was a year old, and it helped me to learn about lots of things, such as going to the dentist, firefighters, animals, people, and life. My favorite song is Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” and I play it over and over in the car. I also go to the pet store with my dad almost every day.

Some other things I enjoy are swimming and riding my bike.  I have always loved the water, and taught myself to float and swim when I was very young.  I’m always laughing when I’m in the water.  Learning to ride my bike took a little time, but I can do it very well.

I have a very good memory. I like to draw things that I have seen on a video and can remember every detail about it.  I can go somewhere one time, and remember where everything is when I go back, even if it has been a long time.  I like riding in the car and on airplanes, and I always remember how to get to the places I want to go.

29 Acres is so exciting for everyone on the autism spectrum. It will be a great a community that understands what we are all about, as well as a safe place for continued learning and becoming more independent. It makes me think of the Barney video “Everyone is Special” and how important everyone is…like Tristen, Noah, Julia, William, Michelle, Matthew, Sam, Huddy, Bryan, Hudson, William, Ryan, Andrea, Tug, Chandler, Elijah, Jordan, Kyle, Sam, Crawford, Ryan, Landon, Weston and Jon! Today, they Shined the Light on me and I want the Light to Shine on all of them! Thank you 29Acres…people helping people!

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