In Honor of Autism Awareness Month, 29 Acres Shines the Light on TRISTEN!

April is Autism Awareness Month

Thanks to Autism Speaks, thousands of landmarks (including the White House), businesses, houses of worship and communities in over 150 countries will Light It Up Blue in April to raise global awareness of Autism spectrum disorder.

29 Acres will proudly shine the light on individuals with autism every day for the month of April. We want to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder in our own community and we hope we do that by sharing their stories.


Tristen - In Honor of Autism Awareness Month

Meet Tristen. He is 18 years old and lives in the Dallas area. He was officially dx before 3 years old with autism.

Tristen has an in home one on one teaching program in place the last 3 years that has allowed him to excel in academics and progress in his language & communication. He has a team of 9 therapist that work with him every week. We also work on community inclusion 2x a week. It may be grocery shopping, ordering my food independently at a restaurant, going to book stores or flea markets to add to my hobby, visiting the local fire departments, taking an art class, taking nature photos with my phone or packing a picnic lunch and taking a hike.

I am working on vocational office skills. I can sort mail, shred, copy and am working on data input as my Mom says I have amazing computer skills and problem solving abilities.

I like to bake, swim, do arts and crafts and sing kareoke. My favorite song to sing is “Born to Be Wild”

I have an extensive collection of vintage Power Rangers megazords that my parents have to find from all over the world. I also collect Disney VHS tapes and have a special closet that was customized to display them all. I am looking forward to the future as I know possibilities are endless if we reach for them with our community support.

In honor of the thousands of individuals living with autism in our Texas communities who are in need of quality housing and ongoing support, please consider supporting this project. 29 Acres is a registered 501C3 and all donations are tax deductible.

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