In Honor of Autism Awareness Month, 29 Acres Shines the Light on WILLIAM!

April is Autism Awareness Month

Thanks to Autism Speaks, thousands of landmarks (including the White House), businesses, houses of worship and communities in over 150 countries will Light It Up Blue in April to raise global awareness of Autism spectrum disorder.

29 Acres will proudly shine the light on individuals with autism every day for the month of April. We want to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder in our own community and we hope we do that by sharing their stories.

Meet William

Autism is hard because I have so little language. Sometimes it is frustrating that I can’t communicate my feelings, desires, or just that something is wrong to those around me. I live on a country estate in England with my Mom, Dad and sister Joanna. I have lived in England since I was three years old, and there they age out of school at age 19. I have been attending a program here called Post 19. What they are doing for young adults with disabilities has been amazing. When we saw 29 Acres we knew it would be the same sort of program. One that would continue my growth and education, push me to learn more, but support me when I needed help.

I love food, and watching cooking shows. I really love watching Pioneer Woman as it combines some of my favorite things- good food, cows, tractors and trucks. Music excites me and is very important to making my day happy. I love musicals like “The Sound of Music:, :”The King and I”. and one you probably never heard of called “:Bride and Prejudice”.

I enjoy working outside doing horticulture work like raking, weeding, and hauling items in a wagon or wheelbarrow. I enjoy crafts, and anything musical. I also like to run the vacuum and help wipe up tables.

29 Acres will be a special place that nurtures young people with autism. It combines training, education, and support with fun activities to help me continue to grow. The more my life skills can improve, the easier and happier my life will be. 29 Acres offers a routine for fun, and exciting activities combined with learning new skills. It will be hard to move back to the United States since we have been away so long. 29 Acres provides me a safe, comfortable environment to grow. Who could ask for more than that?

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