A Million Ways to Give the Gift of Empowerment

Fundraising Challenge: $2.5 Million

Through generous personal donations, $1 million has been donated to purchase land on behalf of 29 Acres and establish initial operations.

Our challenge now is to raise an additional $2.5 million to fund the start-up costs associated with launching 29 Acres programming.  Costs include program and administrative staffing, curriculum costs, technology and transportation.

Proposed Use of Funds:

  • Curriculum licensing fees and staff training
  • Programming staff
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Operating costs
  • Scholarships
  • Program scholarships

Community Impact of 29 Acres Programs

Every year 50,000 young adults with autism age out of public school system programs and face extremely limited options for meaningful employment, ongoing education, and safe housing.  They face an unemployment rate of 80% and few opportunities that connect them to their local communities. 29 Acres seeks to increase the access and opportunity for these young adults in a supportive and caring housing community. A community that is innovative and infused with customized and evidence-based programming to create personal growth and independence for those who live there. 29 Acres will nurture the spirit of community by connecting residents to jobs, friends, life-long education, the arts and recreation within their local communities.  Partnerships with the University of North Texas and Texas Women’s University and other organizations and businesses will offer valuable training and research opportunities that potentially have a global impact on advancing best practices and improving the quality of life for all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Up to 60 Adults with ASD will become residents of the initial 29 Acres housing community. We will offer supportive housing to those minimally impacted by autism (and other neuro-diverse abilities) to those who have more needs.  A 29 Acres home may be your first home (as it might be for a transition academy student) or your permanent home.

We know that Dallas Ft. Worth is an autism friendly city. Your support of 29 Acres will help increase the range of quality housing options available to adults with autism in our community.

Please join our supportive community and make a gift today. Help us give hope and peace of mind to families that their loved one will have an opportunity to live a happy, healthy, independent life – something that we all want for ourselves and for those we love.