In Honor of Autism Awareness Month, 29 Acres Shines the Light on JULIA!

April is Autism Awareness Month

Thanks to Autism Speaks, thousands of landmarks, businesses, houses of worship and communities in over 150 countries will Light It Up Blue in April to raise global awareness of Autism spectrum disorder.

29 Acres will proudly shine the light on individuals with autism every day for the month of April. We want to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder in our own community and we hope we do that by sharing their stories.

Meet Julia

Julia is a 4 year old girl with Autism who made her debut this month on Sesame Street. She has bright orange hair and big green eyes! Julia is performed by a parent of a child with autism who uses her own experiences to help inform the actions of the character.

Thank you Sesame Street for infusing compassion and acceptance of diversity and differences in our young children.

You have some very wonderful friends, Julia.

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