29 Friends events have been put on hold until further notice. We can’t wait to see you when Covid-19 is behind us.

29 Friends

  • Did you know that having relationships has been shown to improve quality of life, make us happier and perhaps even live longer?
  • Did you know that a neuro-typical person has more than 150 important relationships in their life at any given time while a person with autism and/or an IDD has only 25 important relationships in their life at any given time?
  • Did you know that over 50% of adults with autism report feeling lonely?


You must apply and become a member to participate.

We are inclusive of adults with autism (or related special abilities) ages 16+.

Events are weekly and posted on our 29 Friends Event’s Page on facebook.

The fees to attend events will be affordable and will run about $20-25 depending on the activity.

We will NOT be able to provide direct support to any member. So, if your loved one requires individualized support to be safe and successful in the community, YOU must provide that support.

We will NOT be able to provide transportation to the events.


Click here to download the application

Please email our Director of Programs, Morgan McKay [email protected] or call 214-550-8831 ext. 1 to learn more about this program and to schedule a phone interview.

IF you would like to be a volunteer mentor, please call 214-550-8831 ext. 0