Enrich 29


Hub Locatons


Application Process

Individualized Support In The Community

Our support services take place in the cities of Denton and Dallas and their surrounding communities and are designed to model a typical adult life. One that occurs in the community and is supported by strong and meaningful social connections and relationships. We offer services to the full spectrum of neurodiversity (to include those with greater needs) with carefully designed staff:client ratios dependent on support needs and well thought out Life Plans. While client’s Life Plans are very much customized for them, they all work towards greater independence and start by meeting each client where they are.

Design Your Journey

29 Acres uses a variety of research-based approaches and teaching strategies derived from the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) applied in the natural environment. Each client will have an individualized plan that is customized specifically for them. Each client’s life plan includes goals and approaches to those goals that are initially mapped out at intake and updated at frequent intervals and as needed.

Essential Concepts of our Support Services

problem solving
self awareness
personal growth
meal planning
personal hygiene
money management
home management
navigating the community

managing emotions and confidence
phone/text/email etiquette
social media safety
social circles
(knowing friends from strangers)
facilitating friendships/relationships/co-workers within communities

horse-back riding
water sports
adaptive wake-boarding
rock climbing
animal husbandry
art and cooking classes
music festivals

trying new, possible interests
computer classes

How to access communities
safety navigating communities
relational partnerships
friendships within communities

job coaching
career planning
higher learning and technical school assistance
supported employment
job placement

support with medical
dental appointments
medication administration support
emotional well-being support

safety navigating communities
transportation safety
social media safety


For those interested in day time services only, Enrich 29 is available from our Denton and Dallas Hub locations from Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. There are options of participating 2-5 days a week. Although Applications are accepted year round, we only start approximately two new clients each month to help ensure a successful transition to our services.

Interested In Learning More?

Connect with us to learn more about our support services, acceptance criteria, pricing, and more. For interested clients and their families we offer virtual and in-person tours.