Enrich 29


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Application Process

Example Life Plans

Meet Tina

  • She takes an online courses to become a Vet Tech
  • With 29 Employment Services she now works at a Vet Hospital full time
  • She used Enrich Services with goals of budgeting, choose healthier eating options and social media safety
  • Tina has found her best friends with common interests

Meet Cody

  • Cody is working on personal hygiene
  • He is improving his golf swing
  • Cody is volunteering 3 hours a week to build up vocational skills
  • He can now independently checkout at the grocery store when buying items

Meet William

  • William is learning to cook his favorite meal of tacos and a salad
  • William is making friends by pursuing leisure interests such as bowling, art, music and his favorite bumper cars
  • Is learning to ride public transportation to get to his part time job
  • Learning how and why it’s important to keep your spaces clean
  • William has a part time job that he looks forward to going to for 10-20 hours weekly