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On the path to gaining independence

The three major components of this program include living in our transitional housing, learning crucial independent living and career readiness skills through a proven curriculum, and gaining work experience through internships and jobs. This highly structured and supported environment enables students to build confidence by strengthening their life and work skills before transitioning to a more independent living option at the completion of the 2-yr. Program.

The curriculum

Students take a series courses on relationships, finances, vocational skills, health / wellness and independent living. All classes take place on the college campus of Texas Women’s University and taught by our master’s level Transition Academy Instructor. Our students may also enroll in credit-bearing coursework if they are able, and will receive support in study and organizational skills from our staff. Individual mentoring and support are provided allowing them to broaden their life skills by applying what they learn in the classroom environment.

Gaining work experience through internships and jobs

Students benefit from our employment services, directed by our master’s level certified vocational counselor, such as career readiness classes, job preparation and on site job coaching. Students will participate in internships, volunteer work, and transitional employment during this time.

Building confidence and friendships

Everyone benefits from a sense of belonging. The 29 Acres Transition Academy provides an environment within our homes, the college campus and our job sites designed to help our students become vibrant, contributing members in all the communities where they are engaged.

We take an evidence-based approach 


2022-2023 Annual Fee of $57,336 ( $4,778 per month)

Program cost is inclusive of:

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Connect with us to get all the details. For interested clients and their families we offer virtual and in-person tours.